The Best Surfing Catchphrases Ever


The history of surfing is full of memories, surfers, moments, travels and unforgettable waves. Each decade, since the birth of surfing, offered us trends, developments and new frontiers.

It was always hard to express how we feel when we ride a wave. Fortunately, there are catchphrases that were born in the surf culture and will remain forever alive.

Call it mottos, sentences, quotes, phrases or guiding principles. Some words, when put together, stay in our salted brains forever. But, which one's your favourite surf catchprase.

Someone said that "only a surfer knows the feeling". With "no waves, no glory" and "drugs, no thanks I'm a surfer". All we know is "when in doubt, paddle out". For some, "life's a beach", for others, "life's a wave". Someone said "work is for people that don't surf". We might agree and "if it swells, ride it".

In crowded surfing days, "if in doubt, paddle out". That might be the only wave available. In big days, "Eddie would go" and he would certainly keep saying "just one more". "I surf because...", I believe "surfing is life, the rest is details". Surfing has several rules, too. When "surf's up", you'll simply "drop in, pull in, kick out".

Once you're "shooting the curl", don't forget: "a bad day surfing is better than a good day working". That means "the best surfer out in the water is the one having the most fun". In Apocalypse Now, Colonel Kilgore said "charlie, don't surf", but never mind. "Hang ten, dude" and scream out loud: "stoked!".

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