Maelstorm sponsored 2015 KTA(Myanmar) Kite Kids 0

Maelstorm is very proud to continue our support of Kiteboard Tour Asia(KTA). Congratulations to KTA on the great success of 2015 Myanmar Wave Riders Cup & KTA Race Open. Below are some nice pictures of the event and our sponsored Kite Kids project. Enjoy!
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Dangers and safety when kitesurfing kiteboarding 0

Different from wakeboarding, power kites can be dangerous. Because of strong forces that can be generated by sudden wind gusts, people can be lofted, carried off, dashed against water, buildings, terrain or power lines, resulting in what's termed a "kitemare" (kite + nightmare).
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Maelstorm impact vests paranoma view 0

The UNIVERSAL impact vests are a kite school’s dream for a flexi-fit sizing solution. High density and super soft molded foam guarantees full flotation and critical impact protection during the beginning hours of kitesurf training
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Maelstorm sponsors 2013 IKA Kiteboard Course Race World 0

Maelstorm is based in Zhuhai China and has been a long time supporter of the Asia kiteboarding scene and the KTA Asian Kiteboard Tour in particular.
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