About Us

Mission - To expand the family of riders, making kiting more affordable to everyone.
So that all may live to ride!

Maelstorm products are designed and developed in cooperation with kitesurfing’s front line of instructors and school owners to deliver the best in function, rideability, and cost.

In Spring 2007, born out of a desire to bring the high entry level costs of kitesurfing under control, Maelstorm Ltd was conceived. The co-owners with a combined 25 years of China experience; ex-Royal Marine turned entrepreneur, Nick Cunningham, and China manufacturer, Raisin Waldner, choose to headquarter the company in China, the global center for watersports equipment production.

Since 90% of the worlds kitesurf products are manufactured in China, Maelstorm is perfectly located to develop and manufacture products ensuring the highest quality at the lowest cost. In addition, the relatively low overheads of a China based office and warehouse enable huge savings to be passed on to the customer.

Orlando Surf Expo September 2008 saw the launch of the Maelstorm brand and the beginning in a new era of products and accessories aimed primarily at kite schools and new riders. By controlling the manufacturing base and the overheads, Maelstorm has dramatically reduced costs with the stated mission of attracting a new breed of riders to the amazing sport of kitesurfing.

All of us at Maelstorm live and breathe kiteboarding, constantly pushing to develop new design concepts, and ensure the world’s riders get the best equipment available at the best price.