Dimitri Maramenides


Dimitri Maramenides
Date of Birth:
Old enough to be your dad
Place of Birth:
Athens, Greece.
Places Visited:
Name it
Spending time with the kids / Martial arts / Tennis / Soccer / Surfing / Snowboarding / Basketball / Skateboarding.
Professional Kiteboarder , founder and owner of EPIC kites. Yes, I still kite a lot.
Best Kite:
For free ride and big jumps I love all the Screamers but if I had to take 4 kites as a quiver when I travel these will be the ones: Screamer 10 “Limited Edition”, Screamer 12, Screamer 14 and the Renegade 6 for the waves.
Best Board:
6'1" Custom Surf board and 129x39 Dimitri Pro from MAELSTORM
Location you like to ride:
Every place I kite has something special about it, but Greece, Barbados, The North Shore in Oahu and the Outer Banks are one of my favorites.
Music you like to listen to:
Every thing except Heavy Metal. I love classical when it is time to relax and concentrate on doing R&D.
When you are not traveling, what do you do?:
Good question!!! I am always working. So when I am not in the water testing or doing photo shoot or having fun, I am back at the office answering emails and designing something new. But I also love spending time with my wife and making time to play with the kids . I also spend a lot of time training my son Cameron in learning different kite boarding moves, and making sure he doesn’t hurt himself. And sometimes I take ballet classes with my daughter Olivia.


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