Rebecka takes 1st place in the TT Race of KTA(Philippines)


Boracay showed its best side to the competitors and we were blessed with endless winds and sunshine.

This was actually the last tour stop of this season, as we just got the news from Korea that the event is cancelled due to the political situation.

The first two days of the TT-races was really exciting. Helle Johansen (DEN), Aya Oshima (JAP) and I were fighting for 1,2,3rd place. Day three was definetly my day, I was really loving the strong winds and I won all the races! The last day of the race the course was reversed and it was a big mess on the starting line. In the 1st race an upwind rider crashed on me. I had to stop while they were able to keep riding. Then my kite inverted, eventually I was able to relaunch it and finish, but I had already lost too much time.

In the 2nd race I had to use my quick release due to a massive cluster of tangles on the starting line. I did not want to abandon the race and decided to swim out of the tangled mess, put my kite back together in the water and kept on racing. On the last race I decided to stay far away from the start line, as there were tangles almost every race. I finished with a big smile as I knew I made the the podium, I was super stoked! Thanks to all my awesome Boracay friends, they were a great support as they were cheering for me by the finishing line giving me lots of good energy to keep on going strong.

All in all another awesome KTA tour stop. Congratulations to all the winners! And a big thank you to all who made this happen. All the sponsors and the KTA crew: Neil Godbold, Willy Kerr, Stephan Hertig, Jim Thirion, Anny Barlow, Alex Baranescu

The women’s TT ended with Rebecka Maudal (NOR) in 1st, Aya Oshima (Japan) for 2nd, and Helle Johansen (Denmark) in 3rd.

keep progressing, keep on smiling :P

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